Excerpt from "Grandfathers voyage around the world" 1799-1801

Henri Trowbridges voyage around the world on the ship Betsey.
Narrated by Thomas Trowbridge.

"The house where grandfather lived at that time still stands(1895) on the south west corner of Columbus avenue and Water street. It was one of the first houses built of brick in New Haven. Great Grand father Rutherford Trowbridge built it about 1770. It attracted the attention of British general Garth at the invasion of New haven in 1783 and would have been rifled and burned if it had not been for the intercession of captain Rice. Who was a firm friend of Rutherford Trowbridge and a staunch Tory. General Garth was his guest when he noticed the house..."

My grandmother on my fathers ( John Rutherford Heaton ) side was Florence Caroline Trowbridge born in Barbados, Daughter of William Rutherford Hayes Trowbridge and Isabella Nesbit Trowbridge . Florence Caroline Trowbridge married John Edward Heaton from New Haven Connecticut. my grandfather.

I have the small book " voyage around the world" which was given to me by my aunt as well as the hand written Journals of WRH Trowbridge " Ocean Rambler" trips to the West Indies.

John Edward Heaton.