Isaac Southard
Born: after 1700, Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Died: possibly between 1740-45, somewhere enroute from New Jersey to Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Parents: Isaac Southard & Grace Southard
Marriage: unknown
Wife: Jane Pine
Born: after 1707, Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Died: between 1740-45, Rockaway, Morris County New Jersey


Timothy Southard

(adopted by the Hedden family)  

J. Percy Crayon, Rockaway, N.J., Rockaway Publishing Co., 1902.

In the earliest days of Hibernia, probably as early as 1740, not later than 1745, lived one Timothy Southard (According to Betsey Heath Howes, Timothy Southard was actually Isaac Southard). He was unfortunate in the death of his wife, who it is probable was buried at Rockaway. They had one son, an infant at the death of the mother, and also named Timothy. The father sold out his household belongings, not very extensive in those days, and carried his infant in his arms, and was going to make the journey on foot to some of his relatives living at Elizabethtown Point, or to Long Island, where he came from. He stopped for the night at an acquaintance by the name of Hedden, then living on the back road between Rockaway and Hibernia, the only road then traveled at that times perhaps a bridle path, and the family induced him to leave the infant in their care until he should he return in two or three weeks, which arrangement had been satisfactorily made, and Timothy proceeded on his journey, saying that when he returned the family would be amply repaid for their kindness and trouble, and other arrangements for the keeping of the family of the child satisfactorily made. He was never heard from again, and it was thought that he had died of grief stricken before he had reached his relatives, as they had never received any tidings from their relative, and a case of misplaced confidence, or intended disappearing was unusual, as the ties of affection were stronger in those days than in this present day and generation.