Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys
American Revolutionary War

Stephen Trowbridge
Born: 1760, Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: Dec. 6, 1830, Berkshire Twp., Franklin Co., Vermont
Baptism:June 22, 1760, Wilton, Fairfield Co, Connecticut
Parents: James Trowbridge & Mary or Molly Dunning
Occupation: farmer
Military Service: Soldier, Continental Army
(Green Mountain Boys under Ethan Allen), American Revolution
Marriage: May 10, 1780, Skenesborough, Washington Co., New York
Wife: Isabela Fraser Born: about 1763, unknown
Died: 1837, Preble, Cortland Co., New York
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Fraser


Archibald Scott Trowbridge

Born: 1781, Montreal, Canada
Died: Apr 20, 1853, East Virgil, Cortland Co., New York
Note: When Archibald was born, both of his parents were prisoners of war
Marriage: unknown, New York
Wife: Hannah Rachel Perry
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

William Frasier Trowbridge
Born: 1783, New York
Died: Oct. 15, 1821, Berkshire, Vermont
Baptism: :Nov. 19, 1783, Dutch Reformed Church, Schenectady, New York
Marriage: June 16, 1805, Preble, New York
Wife: Mary Hyatt
Born: Nov. 16, 1787, unknown
Died: Mar. 7, 1872, Homer, New York

Daniel Trowbridge
Born: Jan., 1787, New York
Died: unknown

Betsey Trowbridge
Born: 1789, unknown
Died: unknown
Baptism: June 29, 1789, Williamstown, Ontario, Canada
Marriage: unknown
Husband: John Cadwell
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Polly Trowbridge
Born: about 1791, New York
Died: unknown
Marriage: unknown
Husband: Harry Hamlin
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Sally Trowbridge
Born: about 1793, New York
Died: unknown
Marriage: unknown
Husband: James Crowfoot
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Stephen Trowbridge, Jr.
Born: about 1795, Preble, New York
Died: unknown, Preble, Cortland Co., New York

Samuel Trowbridge
Born: about 1798, Preble, Cortland Co., New York
Died: Noble Co., Indiana
Marriage: unknown
Wife: Bethiah Winslow
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Isabella Trowbridge
Born: about 1800, Preble, Cortland Co., New York
Marriage: unknown
Husband: John A. Johnson
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

(From the webpage of Silvie Higgins Paine)

Stephen was baptized at Wilton Congregational Church, Fairfield Co, CT on June 22, 1760. He married Isabel Frasier/Fraser on May 10, 1780 at Skenesborough (now Whitehall), NY. Stephen Trowbridge and his father came to Ballston, NY shortly before the Revolutionary War. He became a soldier, served with the Green Mountain Boys under Col. Ethan Allen and General Arnold. He was in Major John Brown's detachment at Quebec in 1776. He enlisted again from Ballston, NY Jan. 3, 1777 "for the war in Capt. Wm. McEwns Co., Col. Seth Warner's regiment. He became a Sgt. shortly after enlistment and took part in battles of Hubbardton, Bennington, Saratoga and Fort George where he was taken prisoner Oct. 11, 1780. He was exchanged and joined Capt. Samuel Potter's Co. in Col. Heman Swift's 2nd Reg. Conn. line until end of war. Discharged honorably at Highlands, N.Y. June 8, 1783.

In application for pension Stephen says this, "In the year 1777, on the 2nd of Jan., I was engaged in a Reg. commanded by Col. Seth Warner, for during the war. I fought, and served my country faithfully through the war to the end without any impeachment through thick and thin, cold, wet and dry, sometimes half naked and half starved. Often glad to get raw hides to sew on our feet in cold winter weather to keep from freezing. When on duty or sentry, I suffered the fatigues and hardships of a long war, two years captivity, taken at Fort George, on Lake George, and when exchanged, I, with pleasure, returned to duty again, and served to the end of the war, and got an honourable discharge from Gen. Washington, specifying in it that I was entitled to the badges of honour for my faithful services to my country, it being six years and seven months; after I got from the war I got married and lived in Salisbury in Conn. but not getting any pay for the last part of the war we all had to come home poor."

His widow in her pension application says, "I was taken prisoner with my husband and so kept over two years, in the time of the Revolution. My mother was opposed to my marriage; my father dead. Trowbridge stole me away and married me with little form and in haste--my brother Captain Frasier, belonged to the British army, and my Uncle was General Frasier, killed at the battle of Saratoga. This Captain Frasier was in the habit of visiting me and happened to be there when my husband and I came back after the reconciliation with my mother, which was two or three weeks after the marriage. The next night Capt. Frasier came with some men and took us both prisoners and carried us to Montreal. Mr. Trowbridge was a great singer of songs, and knew many adapted to the times and situation and used to sing them in Montreal, for which he was frequently imprisoned, when Capt. Frasier was not there, but as soon as he found it out he was released through his influence on my account, as I insisted on and was permitted to share his close confinement."

After the war Stephen engaged in farming. He lived in Salisbury, Conn., then removed to Williston, Vermont. While clearing up some land he was injured by a rolling log and had to give up his farm. He was then engaged in the mercantile business for several years in Sullivan, NY. He left his family in that town and went to Canada where he was in business for several years. In 1817 he removed to Berkshire, Vermont for the remainder of his life.

Nothing has been found on Isabella Frasier/Fraser. Searches have been done in Schenectady, Washington and Saratoga Counties in New York and they have no record. A search by Alex Fraser of the Glengarry Genealogical Society, Lancaster, Ontario, Canada produced the following record from St. Andrew's Presbyterian (now United) Church Records in Williamstown, Ontario:
"Donald Tunbridge, son of Stephen Tunbridge of Cornwall and of Isabel Fraser his wife, was baptised on the 29th June 1789." (Donald is probably Daniel, born abt 1787, as listed on the Family Group Sheet).

"Elizabeth Tunbridge, daughter of Stephen Tunbridge of Cornwall and of Isabel Fraser his wife, was baptised on the 29th June 1789." (Elizabeth is probably Betsey, born 1789, as listed on the Family Group Sheet).

Different version of Fort Anne & Fort George: Cap't. Chipman in charge of Fort Anne & Fort George sent a force out to offer resistance, but men were over whelmed and either killed or taken prisoner. Connecticut Pensioners Act of 1818: Residing in Vermont, Stephen Trowbridge Serg't. Samuel Trowbridge, Stephen's brother, enlisted November 1778.  


NAME: Stephen Trowbridge RESIDENCE: Cornwall, CT ENLIST: Dec. 5th, 1779
Taken prisoner near Fort George, NY, October 11, 1780 - exchanged before Jan. 1783. In this list he was listed as a Serjeant in Col. Seth Warner Reg't 1777-1781 (then disbanded)

(by Edward C. Starr BD 1926)

Cornwall, a small town in North West Connecticut. In the olden days it was reachable on foot or horseback. It is close to the Housatonic River.

1782 - Four soldiers were to be recruited for a year, a penny tax was levied to pay them. For the Continental Army two men were to be found for a years service. Stephen Trowbridge & Edward Allen are each offered L # 10 bounty if they will enlist. Stephen Showbridge (Trowbridge) is to be paid L # 10 if he counts as a Continental Soldier from Cornwall.

Trowbridge, Stephen, Serjt., 22 May - 13 December 1775, in 6th Co., 5th Reg't - Continentals in New York and the North enlisted for the War, 5 December 1777 - prisoner near Fort George 11 October 1780, exchanged before 1783. Chapman's Co. Swift's 2nd Conn. Line 12 October 1780, 31 December 1781 Pension 1818, Vermont Conn. Men. 68, 258, 328, 640, D.A.R. XX

Ethan Allen, born near Cornwall, Conn., lived in Sheffield, Mass.

Pay Records Militia Reg't 1779 - Cap't Hickok's Co. ----- Pay roll for Horse travel Cap't Daniel Hickok's Co., 16th Reg't, Commanded by Zehemeah Beardsly, Esq., Col., on an Expedition to Fairfield, Danbury 9th July AD 1779 (on that list) Stephen Trowbridge.