Virginia Militia
American Revolution

Rev. Samuel Trowbridge
Born: Feb. 23, 1742, Morris Township (Trowbridge Mountain), Morris Co., New Jersey
Died: 1824, near Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia
Parents: David Towbridge & Lydia Holmes
Buried:  Little Mountain UMC Cemetery, Cedar Grove, Frederick C., Virginia
Findagrave Memorial: 18822992
Military Service: Patriotic Service Volunteer, Virginia Militia, American Revolutionary War
Occupations: farmer, Methodist Minister
Religious Affiliation: United Methodist
First Marriage: 1768, Frederick Co., Virginia (Now West Virginia)
First Wife: Jane Ruble
Born: 1750, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: Nov., 1785, Frederick Co., Virginia
Second Marriage: 1786, Virginia
Second Wife: Christiana Dumire
Born: 1755, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown


(Samuel Trowbridge & Jane Ruble)

Elizabeth Trowbridge

Born: 1770, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown
Marriage: Aug. 3, 1821, Winchester, Virginia (now West Virginia)
Husband: John Lewis
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Mary Trowbridge
Born: 1771, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown

David Trowbridge
Born: 1772, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: Apr. 7, 1864, Frederick, West Virginia
Marriage: Sept. 28, 1797, Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia
Wife: Mary Grady
Born: 1775, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown

Jesse Trowbridge
Born: Nov. 16, 1782, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: Apr. 4, 1865, Kingwood, Preston, West Virginia
Marriage: Jul. 21, 1807, Winchester, Virginia
Wife: Sarah Pugh
May 2, 1790, Kingwood, Preston, Virginia
Died: Aug. 5, 1870, Kingwood, Preston, West Virginia
Parents: Malin Pugh and Hannah Arnold

Samuel Ruble Trowbridge

Born: 1784, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: 1864, Frederick, West Virginia
Wife: Susannah Sheets
Born: about 1790, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown

(Samuel Trowbridge & Christiana Dumire)

Bethuel Strobridge

John Trowbridge

Born: 1790, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown

William Trowbridge
Born: July 14, 1793, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: June 17, 1874, London, Madison, Ohio
Marriage: Dec. 30, 1830, Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia (now West Virginia)
Wife: Lydia Watson
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Absalom Trowbridge
Born: 1795, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown

Sarah Trowbridge
Born: 1797, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown

Lydia Trowbridge
Born: 1799, Frederick Co.,Virginia
Died: 1848, Frederick Co., Virginia

Ocie Trowbridge
Born: 1800, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: 1856, Frederick Co., Virginia

Joseph Trowbridge
Born: Aug. 15, 1803, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: Sept. 4, 1879, Frankfort, Clinton, Indiana
Marriage: Mar. 26, 1835, Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia
Wife: Livina Light
Born: Mar. 39, 1811, Frederick Co., Virginia
Died: unknown
Parents: Henry Light and Mary Woolery

Headstone of Rev. Samuel Trowbridge, picture taken by


Named after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Holmes, Samuel Trowbridge moved from Morris Co., New Jersey to Virginia during the mid 1760s, possibly with his brother David Trowbridge, Jr. Samuel served in the Virginia Militia during the American Revolutinary War, Samuel also owned a farm called "Apple Pie Ridge". After the war, he became a Methodist preacher. For more information on Samuel Trowbridge's descendents, click here.

Compiled by Francis Bacon Trowbridge, (New Haven, CT: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, 1906)

188. REV. SAMUEL TROWBRIDGE (David 114, Joseph 106, William 100, Thomas 1),
born February 23, 1742, in Morristown, N. J .; died ____, 18-, in Frederick county, Va.; married, first, ———, 1768, in Frederick county, Jane Ruble,  
daughter of George Ruble, born about 1750 in Frederick county; died November —, 1785, in Frederick county. He married, second, about 1786 in Frederick
county, Christiann Dumire.  Samuel Trowbridge is supposed to have removed to Virginia in company with his brother David several years prior to the Revolution.  Family tradition
credits him with service in that war.  He settled on a farm in Frederick county  on “Apple Pie Ridge,” sixteen miles west of Winchester.  He lived there the remainder of his life. He 
was a prominent man in that part of the county, and  was a local Methodist preacher.


By first marriage:

i. ELIZABETH, b._____, 1770; m. John Lewis of Frederick county.
ii. MARY, b. _____, 1771:|| m. Matthew McGinnis of Kingwood, W. Va.
200. iii.  DAVID, b. _______, 1772.
iv.  GEORGE, b. _____, 1776*
201. v.  JESSE, b. Nov. 16, 1782+
202. vi.  SAMUEL RUBLE, b. ______, 1784 

By second marriage: ++ 

203. vii.  BETHUEL, born about 1788. $
viii.  JOHN, b. about 1790 $
204.  ix.  WILLIAM, b. July 14, 1793.
x.  ABSALOM, b. _____, 179-; d. unm.
xi.  SARAH, b. _____, 179-; m. ______ Jones of Winchester, Va.
xii.  LYDIA, b. ______, 179-?; m. ?
xiii.  OCIE, b. about  1800; d. unm.
205.  xiv.  JOSEPH, b. Aug. 15, 1805 II



Warranty Deed dated Feb 12, 1781
Unrecorded-$20 orig.
N.J. Historical Library, Newark

Samuel Trowbridge
Frederick Co. Virginia to
Shubel Trowbridge of Morris Co.

Grants the following tract of land being part of a Tract of land which was divided to the said SamuelTrowbridge in pursuance to the devise and direction in the last will & Test of his father David Trowbridge decd & that part of sd lands hereby intended to be granted being part of lot No. 11 as marked on a survey thereof made in April 1769 is bounded as follows by it on the South corner of the said lot No. 11 being the East cor of Dan Trowbridges land marked on said Survey lot the 12 thence extending from the said corner alongthe said David line (1) N 64 W 20 ch to his cor. in a line of lot no 9- (2) in the same N 20 E 2.97 to corof Job Trowbridges land in said line (3) S64 E 2.97 to corner of Jobs line to his corner (4) S 20 W 2.97 tobeg containes (blurred) across to 3/4 and 27 rodds Strict measure signed sealed & delivered

Samuel Trowbridge (seal)
in presence of
Jn Kirkpatrick
 Job Trowbridge