Winifred (originally Minnie) Trowbridge

Born: Sept. 16, 1904, Mt. Freedom, Randolph, Morris Co., New Jersey
Died: June, 1994, Columbia, Warren Co., New Jersey
Parents: William Francis Trowbridge and Anna Mae Southard
Occupation: general store owner, Dover, Morris Co., New Jersey
Buried: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Chester, Morris Co., New Jersey   (Find A Memorial)
First Marriage: around 1925-26, Morris Co., New Jersey


Private, U.S. Army
World War I

First Husband: Stellas Nas
Born: Sept. 7, 1888, Greece
Died: Apr., 1963, Morris Co., New Jersey

Military Service: Private, Co. 9 154 Depot Brig.
Buried: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Chester, Morris Co., New Jersey  (Find A Grave Memorial)

U.S. Navy
World War I & II

Second Marriage: after 1941, Morris Co., New Jersey
Second Husband: Raymond F. Sheehan
Born: April 16, 1904, Illinois
Died: Dec. 14, 1949, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Maryland
Buried: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Chester, Morris Co., New Jersey  (Find A Memorial)
Occupation: cook, United States Navy
Military Service: Lieutenant, United States Navy, World War II

U.S. Army
World War II

Third Marriage: 1950s, Morris Co., New Jersey
Third Husband: Calvin Troutman
Born: July 4, 1904, Muir, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Died: Aug. 12, 1983, East Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania
Buried: Muir, Lancaster Co., Pernnsylvania
Parents:: Jonas J. & Priscilla Troutman
Occupations: coal miner, night watchman
Military Service: U.S. Army, World War II


(Winifred Trowbridge & Stellas Nas)

William "Billy" Nas

Living Nas

Born: not available

Living Nas
Born: not available

Winifred Trowbridge with her family during the 1950s.  Starting clockwise: Clara, her sister-in-law, Winifred's
third husband, Calvin Troutman, unknown child, Winifred, and at the bottom, her mother, Anna Mae Southard.

The class of the Millbrook school house around 1915. Minnie, later Winifred, Trowbridge is in the upper right hand corner of the photo wearing a bonnet, and her brother Eddieis in the center of the photograph with his face partially covered by another student standing in front of him, with another brother Robert is to his left under the window shudder, and her younger brother Walter in front of Robert. 


Born as Minnie in a stone house at the intersection of Millbrook Avenue and Sussex Turnpike, in Mount Freedom, Morris Co., New Jersey, Winifred was the daughter of William Francis Trowbridge and Anna Mae Southard. Winifred changed her name from Minnie sometime after 1941 for unknown reasons, which could have simply she did not the name Minnie. As a child, she suffered from a bout of tuberculosis, and spent at the Tuberculosis Sanitarium in Morris Township, Morris Co., New Jersey. Married to Greek immigrant Stellas Nas, she divorced him sometime after 1941. Because of the attitude of the courts of those days, Nas was awarded custody of their three children, despite the fact that he had attacked her with a knife, leaving her neck scarred. Sometime after her divorce in the 1940s, she married her second husband, Raymond Sheehan, who served as a cook with the U.S. Navy during and after World War II. After Sheehan's death around 1950, Winifred married Calvin Trautman, who had came from Amish country in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania (Cal was not Amish, however). During the late 1950s to early 1960s, Winifred and Calvin owned a general store in Dover, in Morris County, New Jersey. After selling their store, Calvin was employed as a night watchman at a factory in Chester, also in Morris County, where he and Winifred lived in a company owned house until the late 1970s. Calvin was an excellent craftsman, selling woodworks and potted plants from their home. Calvin died in the early 1980s, and Winifred went to live with her daughter and granddaughter before her death just three months short of her nintieth birthday.