Felice Michael Cresta
Born: 1866, Avellino, Campania, Italy
Died: Jul. 2, 1899, Tewksbury, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Parents: Luigi Cresta & Maria Roberte
Occupation: barber
Cause of death: consumption or pulmonary tuberculosis

Buried: Tewksbury State Hospital Cemetery, Tewksbury, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Find A Grave Memorial: 44574688
First Marriage: before 1883, Italy
First Wife: Maria Guiseppa Colucci
Born: 1862, Avellino, Campania, Italy
Died: Sept. 27, 1897, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Parents: Nicola Colucci & Teresa Moccia
Religion: possibly Jewish
Buried: Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum, Malden, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Find A Grave Memorial: 99229825
Second Marriage:  Nov. 27, 1898, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Second Wife: Tresina Langone
Born: about 1878, unknown
Died: still living, 1901, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

(Felice Michael Cresta & Maria Guiseppa Colucci)

Angelo Michael Cresta

Luigi or Louis Michael Cresta

Maria or Marie Elizabeth Cresta

Nicolino or Nicholas George Cresta

Theresa Cresta

Felice Michael Cresta, picture taken in Boston sometime during the 1890s by
Mohoney Photographers.  A name penciled in the back by my grandfather reads "M. Cresta".


Son of Luigi Cresta and Maria Roberte, Felice Michael Cresta was born some time around 1864-66, probably the town of Castelfranci, Avellino province, Campania region, near the city of Naples, Italy. Castelfranci was listed as a place of origin by his son Angelo Michael when he arrived in Boston in 1900s. A barber by trade, Felice moved to Boston, Mass. with his first wife Maria Guiseppa Lolucci around 1887. One source indicates one reason they may have moved to America that Maria was of the Jewish faith, causing both of them to be disowned by Felice's family. Leaving behind an unknown number of their older children in Italy, at least 1 son would come to Boston in 1890, the above mentioned Angelo Michael, (also a barber like his dad) who was born around 1882; there may have been another son named Salvatore, born 1886 who may have arrived after 1900. Felice and Maria Guiseppa would have 4 more children in Boston between 1890-95, they were: Luigi, named after his paternal grandfather, later changed to Louis Michael; Nicolino, named after his maternal grandfather Nicolai Lolucci , later changed to Nicholas George; Maria or Mary, her name was legally changed to Marie when she was adopted about 1905, her married name was either Mccabe or McQuade; and Teresa or Theresa, named for her maternal grandmother Teresa Moccia Lolucci. Theresa would later marry Rudolph Jurgenson.

Maria Guiseppa died in 1897, and a year later, on November 27, 1898, Felice married his second wife, 20 year old Tresina Langone, daughter of Antonio Langone and Maria R. Parende, in Boston. His second marriage was short-lived, Felice died of phthisis, or tuberculosis the following year on July 2, 1899 in Tewksbury State Hospital in Tewksbury, MA. His younger children by Maria Guiseppa were placed in an orphanage, then later in foster homes, and Tresina remarried 2 years later. Theresa would later live with her brother Angelo as an adult.

Felice was buried in the Tewksbury Hospital Cemetery, in an unmarked grave, with the hospital cemetery probably being a "potters field".