The Bible of John and Ann Mead Trowbridge is in the possession of Julia Ransford Bright as of Jan 1999.

The front of the bible is inscribed with the names John & Ann Trowbridge. The page that would give the publish date is missing. This is exactly as written. You will note some dates missing and some questionable relationships such as, great-grandchildren vs grandchildren, but I have copied it as is. In some cases I added notes that may be of interest. Please feel free to contact me.

Family Record


John Trowbridge born March 26th 1781 died July 28 1818
Ann Mead, born February 9, 1788 died June 30th 1862
John Trowbridge and Ann Mead, were Married September 6th 1807
Witnesses Samuel Trowbridge & Hannah Mead

John A. Dayton and Adelia M. Trowbridge were Married on June 5th 1828
Witnesses: Wm P. Skidmore & Eliza Ann Trowbridge

Frederick L. Vultee and Hannah M. Trowbridge were Married on November 1st 1831
Witnesses: John A. Dayton and Adelia Dayton

Jacob M. Mathews and Ann Eliza Trowbridge were married December 13th 1843
Witnesses: John A. Dayton and Adelia Dayton and Frederick L. Vultee and Hannah Vultee


Adelia Trowbridge and Malvinia Trowbridge, Twins; born May 16, 1808
Ann Eliza Trowbridge born January 17, 1810
James Harris Trowbridge born April 22, 1811
Hannah Trowbridge born July 22, 1812
James Harris Trowbridge born, August 23, 1813
William Trowbridge born November 29th 1815
Samual Trowbridge born June 4 1817


John Augustus Dayton Mathews was born July 17th 1845
Helen Adelia Trowbridge Mathews was born December 5th 1848

Great Grandchildren

John Augustus Dayton was born June 26th 1852
Kimble Colfax Dayton was born Nov 17th 1852
Josephine Titus Dayton was born March 6th
Harriet Louisa Dayton was born Sept 26th
Lela Vulte Dayton was born March 4th
Caroline Adelia Dayton was born
Henry Birdsall Titus was born
Kate Titus was born
Elisabeth Titus was born
Alfred Titus was born
Adelia Dayton
Lena Thorn was born
Dayton Thorn was born


Augustus J. Dayton , born February 5th 1829
(NOTE: I have a CW pic of him)
Josephine Adelia Dayton, born July 1830
Frederick L. Vultee born July 11th 1832
Josephine Adelia Dayton born May 28th 1833
John Augustus Vultee born Sept 21 1834
John Trowbridge Dayton born July 8th 1835
Eveleen Amanda Vultee born December 9th 1835
Samuel Robert Trowbridge Dayton born Jan 7 1837
Caroline Eliza Dayton was born June 23 1838 died Jan 24 1911

Mary Ann Dayton was born
George Duffield Dayton was born...died Jany 18 1900
(NOTE: I have a CW pic of him)
Frederick Louis Dayton was born
Eveleen Trowbridge Dayton was born Jan 30 1845
Sidney Smith Dayton was born 22 July 184


Malvinia Trowbridge, died, May 18, 1808 at 2 days
John Harris Trowbridge, died; August 6 1812.
Aged one year, three months and sixteen days.
James Harris Trowbridge died Septber the 8th:1814
aged One year and 15 days
William Trowbridge died the 11 March
aged three years & five months
John Trowbridge died July 28 1818
aged 39 years 4 months and two days
Samuel R. Trowbridge died March 26th 1837
aged 19 years 9 months& 22 days

In the margin
Hannah M. Vultee died January 14th 1848 aged 35 years
Ann Eliza Mathews died May 3rd 1851
aged 41 years 3 months + 17 days

Grandchildren to John & Ann Trowbridge
Josephine Dayton died Jany 20 1831
John Augustus Dayton died July 16th 1835