James Trowbridge

Born: Mar. 26, 1664, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Died: May, 1732, Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Parents: William Trowbridge & Elizabeth Lamberton
Occupation: cordwainer or shoemaker
Religious Affiliations: Stratford Congregational Church, Stratfield, Connecticut;
Wilton Congregational Church, Wilton, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Public Office: Wilton grand juror (1719), Wilton town collector
Church Office: Deacon, Wilton Congregational Church, Wilton, Connecticut
First Marriage: Nov. 8, 1688, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
First Wife: Lydia Alsop
Born: July 26, 1665, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Died: May 5, 1690, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Parents: Joseph Alsop and Elizabeth Preston
Second Marriage: May 29, 1692, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Second Wife: Esther Howe
Born: Nov. 18, 1671, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Died: 1697, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Parents: Ephraim Howe & Ann Hough
Third Marriage: Apr. 19, 1698, Wilton Parish, Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Third Wife: Mary Belden
Born: Nov. 17, 1677, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
Died: after 1737, Massachusetts
Parents: Daniel Belden & Elizabeth Foote


(Deacon James Trowbridge & Esther Howe)

Isaac Trowbridge

Mary Trowbridge

Born: 1697, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: unknown

Esther Trowbridge
Born: 1694, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: unknown

(Deacon James Trowbridge & Mary Belden)

Daniel Trowbridge

Elizabeth Trowbridge

Born: Mar 1, 1702-03, Stratford, Connecticut
Died: unknown
Marriage: unknown, Norwalk, Fairfield Co.,  Connecticut
Husband: Mr. St. John (first name unknown)
Born: unknown, Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: unknown

Caleb Trowbridge
Born: Apr. 8, 1706, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: unknown

John Trowbridge

Abigail Trowbridge

Born: Sept. 1, 1712, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: unknown
Marriage: unknown
Husband: Mr. Green (first name unknown)
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Lydia Trowbridge
Born: May 8, 1715, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: unknown
Marriage: May 9, 1735, Connecticut
Husband: Eliakim Elmer
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Sarah Trowbridge
Born: July 29, 1717, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: unknown
Marriage: Aug. 29, 1737, Connecticut
Husband: Nathaniel Wescott
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

James Trowbridge II  
Born: Sept. 13, 1689, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Died: July 21, 1714, unknown

(from the webpages http://www.tricountyi.net/asmullen/greenegenie/Herkimer/Trowbr~1.htm and Silvie Higgins Paine).

James Trowbridge was born at New Haven, Ct. on 26 March 1664. His father, William Trowbridge married at Milford, Ct. on 9 March 1657 to Elizabeth Lamberton, the widow of Daniel Sellivant. Elizabeth Lambertom was first married as the second wife of Daniel Sellivant on 17 October 1654. James was one of ten children between 1657 and 1676. In July 1677, the Trowbridges moved to West Haven and built a home on a portion of the Lamberton farm. James' father was a planter, husbandman and a master of the sloop - "Cocke" making two voyages out of New Haven.

James Trowbridge was thirteen when the family moved to West Haven. There he grew up with his four brothers and four sisters. James marries Lydia Alsop in 1688. James' parents, William and Elizabeth Trowbridge, were members of the First Church of New Haven in 1686. William died at West Haven in November 1690, and Elizabeth there in 1716.

James Trowbridge, at the age of twenty-four, married first on 8 November 1688 to Lydia Alsop. James and Lydia Trowbridge had one child. Little James was born on 13 September 1689. James Trowbridge learned the trade of a "cordwainer" or a shoemaker and settled at New Haven, Ct. Lydia Alsop died at Stratford, Ct. on 6 May 1690, leaving James a widower with a baby boy. James Trowbridge married again on 29 September 1692 to Esther Howe. In September 1693 James Trowbridge moved to Stratford, Ct., where they were admitted as members of the Stratford Congregational Church on 8 April 1694. James and Ester Trowbridge had three children. Isaac was born at Stratford about 1693. Esther was born at Stratford about 1695, and Mary was born at Stratford about 1697. Esther died at Stratford in 1697. James Trowbridge was a widower again with four children, ages eight, four, two and an infant. On 19 April 1698 James Trowbridge married at Wilton for the third time to Mary Belding (or Belding) Mary was born at Hatfield, Mass. on 17 November 1677 to Daniel Belding and Elizabeth Foote. Mary Belding's mother, two brothers and a sister had been killed by the Indians in 1696. Mary's father, another brother and sister had been captured by the Indians and just released. James Trowbridge was a widower with four young children, ages nine to one. Of course Mary Belding was one of fifteen children. Their married life could only get better!

James and Mary (Belding) Trowbridge had seven children born between 1701 and 1717. Daniel was born at Stratford on 13 August 1701. Elizabeth was born at Stratford on 1 March 1703. Caleb was born at Stratford on 8 April 1706. John Trowbridge, our ancestor, was born in 1709. Abigail was born at Stratford on 1 September 1712. Lydia was born at Norwalk on 8 May 1715, and Sarah was born at Norwalk on 29 July 1717. In 1712 James Trowbridge and his family moved to the parish of Wilton in the town of Norwalk, Ct., where he purchased a large farm. He was one of the original members of the Wilton Congregational Church, becoming a deacon there. He was a grand juror in 1719 and the town collector in 1721. James Trowbridge farmed at Wilton until his death in May 1732. Mary died sometime after 1737.

Mary Belding was born at Hatfield, Mass. in November 1677. Mary Belding was the fourth child of nine. Her baby sister died as an infant in 1686. After her death Mary's father, Daniel Belding, moved the family to Deerfield, Mass. Their oldest child was fifteen and their youngest was only three. Mary Belding was nine years old when they moved to Deerfield. Mary Belding's mother gave birth five more children. Samuel was born in April 1687, John was born in June 1689 and died the next day. Abigail, named after the daughter who died, was born in August 1690. John was born in February 1693. Last but not least [indicated by the name], Thankful; was born 31 December 1695. The Beldings with their surviving eleven children lived a rather peaceful life at Deerfield. Homes with unpainted clapboards, narrow, unshuttered windows, and dignified doorways lines the mile-long street reflected life on the frontier 75 miles west of Boston.

Then the Indians attacked on September 26, 1696. Mary Belding was nineteen years old at the time. Her mother and three of her siblings were killed by French Mohawk Indians. Young Daniel was sixteen, John was three and Thankful was one year old when they were killed by the Indians. Her father, her sister Elizabeth and brothers Nathaniel and Hester were captured and taken to Canada. Mary Belding's older brothers, William and Richard, managed to escape with Mary, her fourteen year-old sister, Sarah, and nine year old brother, Samuel. Apparently Mary Belding left Deerfield after the 1696 Indian raid. Mary Belding married at Wilton, Norwalk, Ct., on 19 April 1698 to James Trowbridge (as his third wife). Mary Belding was twenty-two and James Trowbridge was thirty-four when they were married. Mary lived a prosperous married life with James Trowbridge in Connecticut while her father continued to battle the Indians in Massachusetts.