American Revolutionary War

Ebenezer Fairchild

Born:  about 1730, Morris County, New Jersey

Died:  1805, Howards Creek, Watauga County, North Carolina

Parents: Caleb Fairchild & Anne Sherwood

Buried: Howards Creek, Watauga County, North Carolina

Occupation: Farmer & Baptist Preacher

Military Service: Private, Continental Army, North Carolina Line, American Revolutionary War

Religious Affiliation: Baptist

First Marriage: unknown, New Jersey

First Wife: Mary Goble

Born: unknown

Died: unknown

Second Marriage:  Aug., 1750, North Carolina

Second Wife: Salome Goble (probably sister of Mary)

Born: April 13, 1730, Unknown

Died: Unknown




(Ebenezer Fairchild & Salome Goble)


Abijah Fairchild


Sarah Fairchild

Born:  about 1751, New Jersey

Died:  Feb.  2, 1772, Rowan County, North Carolina

Marriage:  Dec., 1769, unknown

Husband: Ebenezer Frost

Born: unknown

Died: unknown


Salome Fairchild

Born:  Abt. 1753, New Jersey

Died: unknown


Abigail Fairchild

Born:  about 1754, New Jersey

Died:  Dec., 1799, Wilkes County, North Carolina

Marriage:  Feb. 3, 1779, Wilkes County, North Carolina

Husband: James Jackson

Born: unknown

Died: unknown


Before Ebenezer moved his family from New Jersey to North Carolina, he made at least two trips there and back. He kept a diary, beginning October 21, 1757. A HISTORY OF WATAUGA COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA by John Preston Arthur gives an account on pages 87 - 96 of Ebenezer and his diary: By 1770 Ebenezer had apparently succumbed to hard drinking and loose living, and was neglectful of his Church, for he repented by letter and was baptized and received back into the Church (Letter of August 23, 1771, Morristown, New Jersey). Sometime in the 1770s the family settled in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Ebenezer was a private in the Revolutionary War and just missed by one day the Battle of Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

The Wilkes County North Carolina Minutes of the County Court March 1778 - 1790, MS Vol, North Carolina Dept of Archives, show two grants totaling 250 acres were deeded to Ebenezer in December 1779; and that Ebenezer served on jury duty four times in 1787.

Three Forks Baptist Church was organized on November 6, 1790. Ebenezer was #20 and Mary Fairchild was #38 on the Churches roll. He probably married his second wife in North Carolina. Ebenezer probably married his second wife in North Carolina. Ebenezer died on Howards Creek, Watauga County, and is buried on his property. He made a will in November 1790, but it remained unsigned:

Ebenezer Fairchild's occupation was listed as a farmer and a Baptist Pastor of Three Forks Baptist Church, July 14, 1757; Insignee/ Captain John Brookfields Company, August 1793; delegate / assembly at Eaton's Meeting House, Dutchman's Creek, North Carolina.

Notes for MARY GOBLE:

DAR application #503414 gives second wife as Mary Goble, probably sister of Salome Goble.