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Work at the Huseby Camp continued without much interruption after VJ Day. Demands on the maintenance shops continued to be heavy. More and more German Ordnance material continued to flow into Camp Nyland. The storing and cataloging of German Ordnance material was almost completed by 15 September 1945.

On about 15 September 1945 word was received from Task Force "A" Headquarters that in only 30 days all units in the Task Force would be returned to the United States. It called for the checking of service points of all members of the command. Also preparations were made for the receiving of all Ordnance items and material of the entire Task Force for storage at Camp Huseby.

On 5 October 1945 WO (jg) Raymond F. Bushing was relieved of all Company duties after his assignment as Ordnance Officer of the Liquidation Detachment.

Shortly after this 6 enlisted men from the 863rd Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company were also transferred to the liquidation detachment. One officer and six enlisted men were to remain in Norway to assist in the disposing of the U.S. Ordnance property.

On 10 October 1945, orders were received that transport would arrive at the docks in Oslo on October 12th.. Preparations were made for the evacuation of the Camp with the Norwegian Kings Guards taking over the guarding of the camp on the 14th of October 1945.

All remaining personnel of the command went aboard ship at about 0900 hours on 15 October 1945. The ship sailed on the morning of 16 October 1945 and after rough crossing of the Atlantic landed at New York Harbor. From here the unit was moved to Camp Shanks where the officers and men were transferred to various Separation Centers.

The 863rd Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company was de-activated at Camp Shanks as of 27 October 1945.