FROM AUGUST 16, 1945 TO SEPTEMBER 26, 1945

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A steady flow of work continued to come into the maintenance shop all through the month of August with parts still continuing to be the bottleneck. Furloughs were given out on a percentage basis all through August with most of the men going north, up on the lakes for an outing of fishing.

On the 16th of August 1945, two men, Tec 5 Charlie J. Nutt and Tec 5 Rowland O. Ward were assigned and joined from the 19th Reinforcement Depot, APO 176.

On the 8th of September 1945 word was received of the surrender of Japan and at 1130 hours orders were received from Task Force "A" Headquarters declaring the remainder of the day and the next day holidays for all troops not engage in evacuating Germans. Liquor rations were brought out and everyone had an enjoyable celebration.

On the 22nd of September 1945, 1st Lt. Melvin M. Specter went out to the Depot at Nyland to take over the work that 1st Lt. John S. Weaver had been doing. 1st Lt. John S. Weaver was sent to the Ordnance Office in Task Force "A" Headquarters in the capacity of Assistant Ordnance Officer.

As this account closes we are still trying to keep up with the demands made on us for civilian type sedans but it is fast becoming a losing battle since parts are practically non-existent.