FROM JANUARY 27, 1945 TO MAY 7, 1945

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Work at this Depot, O-631, continued to be heavy. Due to the unusual cold weather and snow experienced in the later part of January, much of the work was accomplished under somewhat of a handicap, but production levels were maintained nevertheless.
On the 27th of January 1945 2nd Lt. Clyde W. Cloninger went to London to attend an Education and Orientation school, returning 4 February 1945.

On the 9th of February 1945 orders were were received promoting 2nd Lt. Clyde W. Cloninger to 1st Lt., date of rank 1 February 1945 per par 15, SQ 32, HQ HTOUSA.

On the 13th of February 1945 two enlisted men who had been on detached service at Depot O-635 returned to duty.

The unit received its first call for infantry reinforcements on 15 February 1945 and enlisted men were transferred to the 12th Reinforcement Depot on 19 February 1945. Three replacements arrived and joined the company on March 8th, and one on March 11th. These men were assigned from the GPRC (Det 80) APO 226. Soon thereafter we received our second call for replacements and this time for 15 men. These men left on the 19th of March for the 12 Rein. Dept. APO 551.

Due to the critical shortage of men in the shop, two men were recalled from the detachment in Northern Ireland, they arrived on the 21st of March.

Three replacements joined this company on the 26th of March, being assigned from the GPRC (Det 80) APO 226. All replacements received so far were found to be energetic and willing to learn, and with a little training, will be able to materially aid in the mission of this unit.

Since another call was received for reinforcements it was necessary to begin the selection of the men. This group of 18 was transferred on the 30th of March to the 12 Reinforcement Depot, APO 551. This unit now had less personnel then at any other time during the last three years.

On the 4th of April six enlisted men who had been transferred to the Depot by the 874th Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company were transferred to this Organization. The fact that these men were trained in the type of work we are doing is a great help at this time since we have lost so many of our trained personnel as infantry reinforcements.

On the 12th of April one of the men was returned to the unit from the 12th Reinforcement Depot. After having completed his infantry training he has passed his 31st birthday.

During the month of April the unit was nominated as the Ordnance for Task Force Nightlight. Work continued to be heavy at the maintenance shop and April proved to be a record month.

At 1100 hours on 7 May 1945 the unit was notified to move to Camp Crookston in Scotland the next day. Everyone was busily engaged in packing and loading when word was received of the unconditional surrender of Germany. The unit moved by convoy on 8 April 1945 and cleared the initial point at 0700 hours. Therefore, instead of having a day off the unit spent VE Day fighting it's way over the hilly roads of Northern England and Scotland. The unit arrived at its destination at 2045 hours and found the Camp to be dismal and muddy place.

As this account closes the unit is busy preparing for its mission with the Task Force Nightlight.